Thursday, March 8, 2012

fluff up my life

i've developed a new routine. Watching Dog Whisperer almost everyday. I grow fond of the show as it takes me to address my behavior when cesar millan point out the dog's behavior. love the comedy side too (some obsessing tissue so much, some froze and don't wanna finish the walk)
Your response to surrounding will vibrate through ur pets. So dog's behavior is the mirror of the owner self. Problem addressed and need to be corrected. Perhaps this is the reason why i cant stay put in vet faculty. They love animal so much until they tend to blame people...No matter how cute a pet can be, raising kids is far more satisfactory. My love for my own species are getting stronger these days. 

Living alone wouldnt be that lonesome if i have a pet but do i want to share my money for food? absolutely not. Having a cat ingesting a fur ball as i dont clean my house like bree van de kamp would be bothersome. Plus I dont think i wanna go back using inhaler again p/s: my mom banned all fluffy and furry toys since then.

a tale of feline whisperer
My friend kept this one cute stray cat in our dorm. I took a chance to overcome my fear by being nice to the kitty *b
ad experience with grandma cat's*. Perhaps i pet her too much, compensating my rascal attitude towards them before. Eventually i had a very bad cough throughout my PMR exam which is very embarassing. Sometimes i sound like whooping. 

what i think abt pet--> it's so fluffy i'm gonna die

meet my imaginary pack

this is mugsy. he help me out at the barn. chase the culprit who tried to steal our chicken. cesar said german shepherd is too much for a beginners...certainly not for my brain to handle. 


  1. this reminds me of Nellie McKay song

  2. googled the song.....feel like catchin' some sun at this hour