Friday, November 23, 2012

clorox toilet bowl cleaner

I love clorox. I soaked white coat, towel and school uniform with clorox. Now clorox have come up with a new product for toilet bowl. Too bad i'm not paid for this but it's fun to talk about product that makes my life easier. I tend to hurt my thumb if i scrub too much and it's hard to get a free thumb spica.
The toilet bowl cleaner is so concentrated and thick so it stick to the toilet bowl surface for longer time. Longer contact= better cleaning. I notice that I don't have to scour too much coz the bleach will do 70% cleaning for me. The setback is it doesn't smell nice. I'm expecting green color will have the freshness of a pine or mint.
Later on i found out another use for this product....floor cleaning. I'm kinda pissed with the nice smelling floor cleaner unable to get rid of a 'mole' on the floor. People in my country is so used to wet toilet flooring. We believe water is the best cleaning agent. Wet flooring in humid tropical climate will lead to 'mole' formation. Actually it probably fungus or moss but i just call it mole.
Anyway, slimy/unclear looking toilet is simply disgusting. Imagine people use your toilet and the only thing they remember is urine smell. Toilet is the reflection of a household so i'd say keep it above par all the time.
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

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