Sunday, November 25, 2012

secret recipe durian and high fibre cheesecake

I'm getting more impulsive when i know i'm pressed for time, exam is around the corner. While i'm frustrated with myself i went through youtube and found lots of cheesecake recipe. My sweet tooth said why don't I go to jusco and get a nice cheesecake. Sorry i don't bake poor cake (that's why i decided to buy). Last time I went to cake sense and got myself a tiramisu and chocolate block. 

Today they don't have many cheesecake so I went to secret recipe. Each cost me rm7 (exclude tax weyhh). Durian cheesecake is so smooth and fragrant. The durian smell is like a siren telling "eat me!" They are as scrumptious as durian crepe but LESS sweet. I think the sourness from cream cheese have tone down the sweetness of durian. Well, I don't mind either way  it taste great. 

Fibre cheesecake is the interesting one. It has a mellow flavor but more texture. Got rolled oats, lots of nuts and it brings mediterranean vibe to it. So lovely and both cheesecake went well with a cup of green tea. Overall I give 4/5 star for high fibre cheesecake and 5/5 star to durian cheesecake simply because it curb my durian crepe cravings and I love durian. It's a keeper in my memory.
Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

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