Wednesday, October 17, 2012

what to do: muffled hearing, impacted wax

Arghh this is embarrassing but I have to tell this. Whenever you got muffled hearing don't come into conclusion that you're already disable. Long way to go peeps. Even a doctor won't diagnose deafness that fast. You might have impacted wax (PLS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR). I experienced tinnitus, muffled hearing, no fever and it is painless. I had 3 deafening episode but the third one is like clash of the wax *so terrible* felt like having invisible ear plug. 

When do I realize it?
Use Littman stethoscope yet still have problem listening to my own heartbeat
Felt waxy/ sticky in my ear whenever i push my tragus
I'm already in cardio rotation but i can't appreciate murmur enough- felt depressed and useless

How to remove earwax:
  1. Cerumol- loosen earwax, makes it easy to remove. Works twice but on the third episode it doesn't work. Don't blame the product yet.
  2. Ear pick- curette the earwax. On the day i had bad muffled hearing no matter how much i curette it doesnt make any difference. At one point i thought i've perforate my tympanic membrane.
  3. Nasal aspirator- fill with warm water and flush out the earwax. Bought but haven't tried.
  4. Ear toilet- this is the ultimate method of removing earwax....especially the impacted ones. Done in ENT clinic. It suck out the wax build up. Simple and PAINLESS procedure that took 1 minute per ear *might be ticklish*. After that hearing been better than i've ever been. Syukur.
comes with a dropper, love it

gooey culprit- only suctioning will do

i've been carrying this since forever?
Take home message:
Don't use cotton buds to remove earwax. It took some and push some wax further inside. 
ENT specialist would recommend using the edge of clean cloth/ towel after shower. Twirl the cloth inside your ear canal. 

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ

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