Saturday, October 13, 2012

getting rid of acne

One day I was at the post office paying utility bills then came this one lady talking to me. I was being nice (enjoy a chitchat coz waiting in post office is like...boooring) but who knows she wants to sell me a collagen that cost rm91!! Acne prone skin and recurrent acne does not only attract interleukin and cytokines but it attracts a bussiness woman too. I wish she know how much i have in my pockets rm100- rm55 (electricity)= rm45 *that is my money for food*

People from MLM always said we just do sharing and help others with their problem. If you want to shouldn't be offering poor people a luxury product. With limited amount of money do i need a collagen? i'd rather have eggs/ fish which is cheaper, filling, tastier, abundant and natural. If i have a lot of money i would just go for collagen shot....not collagen drink.

Getting rid of acne is always a battle for me. Clear skin is a journey not a destination. Since we are alive our body is undergoing constant change due to internal and external factor. First a normal skin will produce sebum. If we don't clean face thoroughly sebum will clog pores, become white heads/ blackheads-- came bacteria it will inflame and cause acne.
Acne is inflammation of the sebaceous (oil) glands of the skin At first there is excessive sebum production due to the action of androgen. These glands become blocked (blackheads and whiteheads) due to increased keratinisation of the sebaceous duct. The bacteria in the sebum produce lipases with the resultant free fatty acids, thus provoking inflammation. [Murtagh].
see i don't have acne
Things that works to REDUCE the flare up of acne:
  1. Clean face before sleep religiously. I learnt from a dermatologist-to-be: clean face with mild cleanser, tone, moisturize + invest in good sunblock. From my experience no matter how pricey your skin care is IF it's the time of the month acne will come anyway. So I am more comfortable using drugstore product now. Choose something that you can use constantly.
  2. Change pillow case often
  3. Wash the powder puff, make up brush-- bacteria loves 'em
  4. Exercise- exercising will help to flush toxin from the body, produce more endorphins you'll be happier. i think that's why i feel my skin looks better as i exercise often.
  5. Sleep- get enough of it. 6-8 hours recommended. I asked my GP to recommend a skincare coz she have a flawless skin. however she said it's genetic. in fact she doesnt use high end product. She told me to work on my sleep pattern (i admit it's a mess)...if i dont get enough sleep i would get recurrent acne on my cheek.
Acne already occured. What to do?
  1. Pop it. my O&G specialist (for the record she is a person who teach me O&G) said acne is a pus. pus need incision and drainage. Apparently that works for her.You can pop the zits but make it aseptic. Wash face with warm water (bathing with warm water is awesome)--> Clean the zits area with alcohol--> pop it with clean hand, clean q-tip--> squeze until blood comes out (adequate drainage lorr)
  2. Oxy10. During raya eve i got a humongous zits. Since I can't go to pharmacy (you know KT town..jengg krengg) i bought Oxy 10% Benzoyl peroxide lotion from 7E. Works wonders to shrink the zits. Combination of pop the zits PLUS clear the pores work just fine for me.

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