Monday, February 27, 2012

damage control

It's official....the freezer are broken. no wonder the my chicken turned bad. so today i am in the process of evacuating the freezer, from freezer to stomach. syukur, the beef is still good. on contrary i dont feel so good, soreness of coracobrachialis after a pushed up yesterday (20 in 40 sec....gonna beat that number). oh is a good day to fell in bathroom again.
Rescued list
Beef: end up as a soup....i'll have 'em for lunch tomorrow. my original idea is to make some beef chop inspired by Ochikeron. no chop

Ice-cream: i know...i shud finish Le Cremeria as soon as i got the new scoop few weeks ago. ouhh....i'm glad it's all saved in my tummy despite it porridgy-look

Prawn: made some mi goreng kari udang. i should cook this more often......will cook this if i'm having a friend over next tyme
Sausage & keropok lekor: will think about it after a certain prognosis of my freezer

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