Sunday, February 19, 2012

gulai sotong cara Terengganu (squid gulai Terengganu style)

Actually i'm not very fond of squid cooked in a coconut gravy but my cousin (she is an heir of a restaurant) have made me love this gulai. I came just at the time she's cooking for lunch. She made effortless cooking...the only thing that stressed her out is gastrectomy assignments. 
Serving: 2 person
1 tspn galangal- crushed, doesnt have to be fine
1 tspn ginger
1 tspn tumeric powder
1 tbspn curry powder- i prefer 1 heaping spoon, even better if you have the gulai powder
2 tbspn chilli paste
2 tbspn shallots+ garlic paste
2 inch lemongrass- bruised
2 pcs asam gelugor
Salt & sugar to taste

coconut milk- just enuff to drown the squid
some water- to cook the squid till soft
And 1 big squid (took it from my mom's kitchen...abduct 'em to Klang)

According to my cousin: just boil everything & put coconut milk after the squid is tender- smell so good
I tweak it:
  1. Fry ingredients A till fragrant
  2. Add water and squid, simmer until squid is tender (use water judiciously coz we want the gulai to be thick)
  3. Later add coconut milk. Adjust sugar and salt to your taste
my cousin recommend this, she also use this for gulai nasi dagang

serve with vegetable soup of your choice, here i have sup sayur berkeropok lekor (forgot to buy fishball actually)
this is my fav shot at pasar kedai payang.getting some beras for ketupat nasi (p/s: pre-eid album)

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