Monday, February 20, 2012

feminist playlist

lately i listen to katy perry a lot. i think she have some resemblance to gwen lips and quirky. should i say original and cosmetic surgery free. that one time i came across her video performing on VS runway, totally stunned me (actually there's many other song make it big on VS runway). didnt expect she will sound so good in live performance. 
i'm done with kim K...not keeping up with kardashian anymore. after a comparison to teen cribs i realize that normal american family dont treat parents like that. my respect to gene simmons kids'. media should feel responsible promoting good values to people. it doesnt have to be a high end program.......a simple cartoon/ cooking show can teach us good value. at least dont put a trash on national tv.
Last night I watched How'l Moving Castle on disney channel......what a coincidence. Hayao Miyazaki from Ghibli studio always opt for my fav theme; feminism and absence of villains kind of movie. That explains why I love Spirited Away so much. I'm sure the list will expand.

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