Sunday, April 21, 2013

when i learnt i don't have to buy collagen, it's liberating

Lately I felt so sluggish, almost like old hag. I bet grandma yetta is far more energetic than me. I can't concentrate & always went to bed early (it's not ok to go to bed when your job left unsorted). After a dentist check up (final touch before i go braces-less) i paid a visit to nearest pharmacy. I've been thinking about fish oil.

Fish oil offers lots of benefits (try google) but i'm opting for concentration and general well being. If I continue to live like this i would be academically insufficient & physically unwell. I consider today is my lucky day. The pharmacy I did a free checked up. Basically I'm all well (digestion, breathing, kidney are good) except:
1. i'm overweight- been a year since i exercise regularly, thanks to late night supper, sedentary yet stressful lifestyle, sleep deprivation
2. overweight means i have some fat in liver- this actually increase the risk of getting diabetes
3. started to loose calcium from bones but general bone density is at optimum level- what did you expect i'm reaching 30 soon so this is normal
4. My skin is started to loose collagen- that's why I have recurrent acne & it doesn't heal well
5. I don't drink enough water
i love nova product, find it affordable
I bought fish oil- basically to improve concentration. Fish oil also good for liver, heart and have some anti-inflammatory properties. Later I was advised to consume marine collagen if I want to improve my skin condition (yes i do but the collagen i so damn pricey). Today I know that I should start celebrity fitness regime from Popsugar.

Later I searched for articles about pure marine collagen. Eating natural seaweed is trending now. Maybe I should give it a try. One last check before I buy seaweed at pasar stadium tomorrow. Amazingly found this article that says there's no collagen in seaweed just carrageenan. I learnt that-- all i need is a functional skin that can utilize vitamin C to produce more collagen.

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ


  1. salam,
    yeay! suka exercise kat popsugar. peluh macam hujannn!!! all the best akak! btw, akak xnampak overweight ponnn. penimbang salah niii.hehe

  2. hehee popsugar really suits us :D
    masalah sebenar bmi wud be so unfair to petite ppl
    all d best 4 atika too