Saturday, May 28, 2011

beef steak with mushroom gravy

tomorrow i would begin my journey as a brace face. I know having a braces is not that simple. I have to comply to certain limitation like not chew gum....or enjoy a crispy fried anchovies or enjoy a slice of steak. Entry today is basically to give a good closure for me to give up meat (but i might eat 'em later when i think i can)
the best steak require minimal marination. in this case i only use salt and blackpepper for the steak. Really simple and it bring out the beefy taste.
Dont forget about vegetable. Eventhough cow eat grass it doesnt mean u get all the benefit of chlorophyl/ phytonutrients per say.
  1. marinate beef with salt and blackpepper
  2. sear them on high heat pan to lock the flavor, give them a crusty outside
  3. bake them in the oven to slowly cook the beef untill tender. keep the juice for gravy later
Mushroom gravy
  1. saute minced onion+ garlic (1 onion: 2 cloves of garlic)
  2. stir in sliced button mushroom.....fresh or canned its your choice
  3. put in water just to give the sauce some volume but dont flood it+ 1tspn dark soy sauce (for coloring)+ ketchup (for a mild tang)
  4. add the beef juice from steak + chicken stock/cube + salt, pepper to taste
  5. to make it look like a sauce stir in (flour+ plain room temp water)...adjust to your liking
  6. let it bubble. if the sauce is shiny that means the starch is cooked
I present you my famous mushroom gravy that made my family go bananas. Ouh yeahh, they have this gravy with the salad (last time i ckecked i made olive oil dressing)
this is the single version...i had this when i realized i cant go to Victoria Station before putting on my braces


  1. ohh...sedapnyer..
    tibe2 teringin nak makan lak..hehe