Saturday, May 7, 2011

coz i am the poor

*Live from my bloggerdroid* 1st tyme writing blog from my tab. i miss writing in here. But somehow lately my documentation instinct have became blunt. Maybe the fuel price hike leads to my normal food are getting costly, leads to excessive cash outflow end up as micro deficit in my purse--> have made me become demotivated. I know that i cant buy pretty clothes or fancy eyeliner like before. I cant watch nigella's kitchen and having the thought of cooking for friends coz that nerve was demylienated.

Human life is complicated
I once clerked an old lady happen to live around my neighbourhood. She insist me to pay her a visit coz she was so lonely living alone. we kinda in the same boat. She is a single mother, her children was not really supportive+ they only give her rm150 per month. These days what can u have in your kitchen with that amount of money?
Our subject: 75 year old Malay lady known case of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and ischamic heart disease. Complaint of malaise and shortness of breath 2 days prior to admission.

I hope i could do smthg nice for her but i am quite busy with my own stuff. Due to my poor time management i end up doing mundane things in a bulk while hoping i wont get explode. If i'm going to see her i want to bring something like my famous fishball soup or a milk coz i noticed she dont have milk in her diet (diabetic but only have condensed milk at home). I suppose an old lady need milk to maintain their bone from getting brittle.
*ouh, i just found out how to move this cursor to the bottom page*
There's a famous theory called Maslow's pyramid of need. The base of pyramid represent the physiology needs for human like personal security, health & well being. Top of pyramid represent self-actualization. If we filled the base, our society will become a better society in a sense of they would be happy with their life and start to care for others. Least annoyance perhaps. The past few weeks was full with frustration coz i met many people didnt have a good pyramid base and mine is choppy too.
*in the end the bloggerdroid didnt work and i manually transfer my post to the lappy* see who's messing up with the poor

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