Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Dont Attack My Own Species

I'm a huge fan of respect. If people are illiterate i can just let it pass provided they know they should repent, shouldnt be stuck up and correct it. But if a senior staff just barge in and said something like "you are wrong. The student will learn from you and keep following your wrongdoing. Isnt it student?" i was startled coz i thought my presence in that room is insignificant. Plus i juse took a photograph with the cute patient in a procedure room. So for being safe i juse show my startled face plus blurred effect to the picture.

Pheww!that was close. I was there to learn from the house officer. She was kind enough to let us be there and assist her. How can i ruin it rite. Plus a senior stuff shouting from the door make me feel a lil' bit off. It would be nice if the senior staff come in and said "you should do like this... If not there will be..." if we can correct people and they follow it for the rest of their life dont you think that God will bless us more.
I know there's no room for mistake but learning from mistake also a way of people becoming great. Eventho a bulb is not a living creature i wud love to use Thomas Edison as an example here. Never get tired with failure.

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