Friday, April 6, 2012

breaking bad news (the unfinished bussiness)

Here's the dialogue that i've construct base on BBN lecture notes. It turned out my partner have another idea and we agreed for a remake. To be entitled as script writer i decided to publish the original script *carmina burana O fortuna played*
Choose a private quite place. Doc turn off her phone (show it)
D: good morning, mam. How are you feeling today? Have a seat please.
M: good morning doc.  I’m feeling very anxious and i have a sleepless night for few days.
Doctor looking at the result. If possible pretend you are using a reading glasses . Take it off after reading.
D: Is your husband or any family member are waiting outside?
M: Well i'm here by myself doc. 
D: Mr. Gump is not here today mam?
M: No…it happens that he’s out of town will return this afternoon.
D: so how’s your son is doing?
M: I think better after you’ve changed the medication he don’t cry much but I noticed that he’s been feeding a lot slower lately.
i dont understand.....why so many tissue
D: Here’s the thing mam, I’m sure Dr. Hanh had told you before. There’s no 100% in medicine. We definitely doing the best that we could.
M: yeah…I know that. But I’m in the position where I’ll hold on to whatever I can. What is it? I can sense something is wrong.
D: I want you to stay calm (while showing the result ). The result is back. From the latest echocardiogram we found that you sons heart is going into failure.
M: What do you mean by failure? We haven’t tried all the options yet. I know there’s many option out there
D: It’s not that simple mam, heart failure is a progressive condition. And for a child I’m not sure if he can hold on for long. It’s time for heart transplant but in our country donor is hard to come by and even if there is a donor we have to make sure it match.
M: But I do everything you said. I let him to undergo many procedures. God know how heartbroken I am when I see him cried.Can't you buy us some time.
D: I understand Mrs. Gump. But circumstances have changed and so do our focus. Now we have to focus on his quality of life. I will call Hospice for you and help him feel better.
M: Feeling better is not good enough. I want him to get better.
D: even though i was hoping for the best I'm sorry to tell you that's all we can offer.
Moral of the story: organ donation can save lives. I'm still in quest of finding the artistic side of me#UPDATE: i should watch karen mcClusky reunited with Roy before the play (so much bereavement in Desperate Housewives Season 8, Episode 15) 

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