Saturday, April 7, 2012

dance like nobody's watching

It's official, we're together again. I'm talking about zumba videos that were kept next to 30 rock folder but couldn’t care less working out. Now i have to start caring again since i have to advise my patient on changing sedentary lifestyle. Catching up with HIIT (high intensity interval training) wouldn't be easy after few months slacking off from consistent workout. Getting along with zumba dance is the baby step before I go HIIT all the way.

I discovered zumba from YouTube and fell for it. They are fun and easy. Don't worry about the formation. My idea is to achieve targeted heart rate for at least 20 minutes (for this time being). Every time do zumba it’s like I own Victoria's Secret runway *wonder if they have sports bra*. In the other hand I’m not a fan of belly emphasize on how inflexible my core body is while I am more excited about endurance and cardio.

To all couch potato out there, this is what to do in your living room when nobody's watching (of course God is the ultimate exception).
  1. Warm up: turned you on here.
  2. Moves like jagger: show you got the move.
  3. Sexy and i know it: even a grandma can do this. I challenge you.
  4. Wild ones: kinda hard to follow but you have to start somewhere.
  5. Sexyback: awesomeness. glad didn't roll my ankle
  6. Sixth sense: some k-pop feel, i love BEG bcoz of their provocative song. good enough to make me get up from the couch
  7. Dance central 2. i just love the idea of having a game that make people move. Although i don't own xbox myself it doesn't mean I can't enjoy the virtual dance stage.

dance along & enjoice
P/s: I think karaoke dance in nursing home is overrated. Period, senior citizens living a hedonistic life...not good for the soul

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