Sunday, April 8, 2012

battered fish and potato cubes

i love fish fillet. it is so easy to prepare and i dont have to pick out the bones. I'll have fresh fish when I have family around. Therefore, frozen fillet is my ultimate choice when i'm dining alone. I used to get a dory fillet from Giant but i find the fishy smell is more than I could handle. Later i discover a mini mart in my neighbourhood do sell sutchi fish fillet. This time i have a bigger fillet that easy on the fishy smell.

scents of lime would invigorate appetite

in sync

i love the potato skin on
this is the easiest part. Clean the fillet & pat dry. Later i just dust 'em with a pinch of salt and tepung goreng serbaguna Adabi. You would want to make few more coatings. It's good if the coating gets damp it's a sign of undetachable batter. And yes....i dont use any eggs. Deep fry to perfection.

Wash the potato....when I said wash I mean brushing until it is squeaky clean. Better pick the right potato. Diced into bite size pieces and boil until soft (but not too soft). Lastly, stir fry in non-stick pan. Season with salt and pepper.

p/s: need motivation to cook *at one's wits' end*


  1. Assalamualaikum.

    Thanks for sharing.






    NAK SIKIT!!! >.<"

  2. wslm.....sure2 :)
    neway wud be better if you can make this by urself