Thursday, December 2, 2010

school didn't teach how to find a partner

I received loads of wedding invitation lately...most of ‘em are my friend. Congrats to all. Many questions been lingering around my head. But these bangs my head the most:
-Should a partner have the same career like you?
-To what extent you will tolerate gap between you and your partner?e.g between rich & & beast, boss & employee, teacher & student

A friend said make a list of pro’s-con’s and choose. But i dont think choosing a partner is purely quantitative, there’s some part are rather qualitative like:
> Rich+handsome+jerk
>Poor+sweet+ mr.nice guy
 >Rich+not so handsome+so-so
I’m sure different person will opt for different answer coz right or wrong it’s all on you.


  1. ye sgt betol! ramai dah kawan2 ak kawen.. hoho..
    n juga betol, each person has their own ways on choosing their partner!

  2. ouh pnat~ let's enjoy singlehood walaupun bunyinya tacky. heee choosing partner is always been tricky