Thursday, December 2, 2010

used to love cooking

Once upon a time in middle of my busy schedule i always cooking. Cook eventhou i know i have exam. Basically i’ll cook whenever i have to. Only do take away thingy when i really couldnt cook. I cooked before i went for lecture.... have ‘em wrap nicely and brought it to the hospital after class. During Ramadhan I’m already cooking at 7 a.m. Its all for my dear brother. He dont feel like eating hospital food after chemo, so i’ll prepare whatever he feels like eating.

Few years ago this is what i felt when i prepare food........I want to make a healthy and delicious food for my brother to eat. I want him to heal and gets better with my food. I expect that my food will give comfort to him. And of course he is my num 1 fan, never complaint and enjoy my cooking wholeheartedly.

Now it’s been 2 years he left us. All my feelings towards cooking also slacking off. I just dont have the drive to cook healthy food with passion anymore. I’m a kinda express person nowadays. Perhaps my current schedule+situation didnt permits me to cook like housewife.

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