Saturday, December 4, 2010

Angry Kid

I heard kids in my neighborhood fighting. They fight over a balloon. The loud boy really agitate me. I just want a peaceful n boring weekend- full stop. Angry boy reminds me the day while i was baby sitting my younger siblings. It takes a lot of my free time and playtime. I'm filled with anger when my needs were compromised. Those days i throw tantrums or stuff. I don't see any any difference now. Well maybe blogging can lessen my anger after i let people know how i feel.

As I grow older and wiser *i guess my needs and desire had become even more complex. I want to be understood in return when I understand people. Like I want to have an oatmeal but if oat is not served with banana i'll retreat. Or I was thinking about looking around MAC store with someone but decided not going there anymore when she had purchased her stuff without me.

The truth is it's hard being angry. Tiring, cutting off my viable years and wash away the glow on my face. I just cant help being angry when my desire have been compromised or people who'd suppose to understand me didn't deliver. So it's a day called I'M NOT PUTTING UP WITH CRAP. I'm getting myself some pleasure even tho people who'd really care abt me is dead.

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