Wednesday, June 9, 2010

long live the emperor

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Longevity is one of my favorite topic. Since i got into medical school i just can't drop it....counting my milestone (compared to others at my age..ehm2..) i'd really need to live longer and healthier so that my life mission would be accomplished. Maybe i need some Benjamin Buttons gene so that i'm getting younger everyday (yeah great...people you loved will die before you & you'll end up being LONELY~)

The emperor of China ate Cordyceps sinensis regularly to achieve longevity. Don't be surprised if i got that in my house too but that was not prescribed for me. (^_^) It's not literally keep you alive but cordyceps are known to boost immune system, preserve a good lung function and indirectly helps for a better renal function. My mom didn't catch a cold or fever after a year taking it regularly (thank you Allah, alhamdulillah)

Jeong Jaewon (JJ)
I've found out about a man who lived in this era, which considered long lived+ healthy. He is the oldest CEO in Korea, still working in his 94's. Once the youngest paediatrician in Korea and run his own food company called Jeong's Food group.

So know i'm sharing a longevity tips that worth your life.
1. Study every morning/day to keeps your brain working and prevent dementia. JJ: watch CNN everyday to stimulate language centre
2. Raise crop by himself, it must be organic + of course he has a large lawn.
3. Exercise everyday. Always do stretching and he walks every morning in his 1/2 acre garden.
4. Special normal diet but in SMALL amount. Wanna know what JJ had for breakfast? boiled potato, boiled egg, ginkgo nuts, boiled pumpkin, fresh salad, fruits, rice cake +soy milk. He said, do not eat rice in the morning.

After many years doing this, JJ who'd diagnosed with diabetes in his 40's able to maintain near to normal blood sugar level. His hair considered as a hair of 40 year old. I wonder how is he doing during his housemen years.

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