Monday, June 7, 2010

finding happyness in nation

If someone ask me why u wanna be a doctor? i would say because i love people more than i love cats or machine. One of my specialty is watching people live their life. Either watching a a book or literally observe (what people do when they eat, when they scold children, when they sneeze)~ i'd really enjoy it. Later I would make some self-realization, at least this is the whole point of doing it.

While our economy is going down, i've just finished reading a book called 'Pelangi Persia' by Dina Sulaiman. Seeing how Iranian live from a perspective of Indonesian makes me realize that we've heard too much crap from the west. Iran is nothing than what i had imagine before. If our government is looking for a role model...please choose Iran as example so that malaysian public will have access to cheap electricity, free water in the public places and lots of picnic spot. Plus, Iranian were so nice to God and guest. (pls remember i'm pissed off with the new electricity tariff...from rm200/month to rm400 this month)

Pls answer the following question:
Its good to have following nationalty.
A. malaysia
B. iran
C. denmark
D. dubai

-religious and have respect to others, regardless what color/religion they are. still can be happy in iran if u are zoroaster, sunni, christian...armenian. a good command in persian language is always an advantage
-lots of 'genius nuts' *iran is the largest pistachio exporter in the world
-they are free from commercialism or pop culture like us, they believe in their own movie & ideology. the president is really a humble man
-older woman can go to college, martyr's family got all the help they need, there's no orphan in Teheran coz all of them at least have been adopted by rich family even though they didn't live together

I watched Oprah and Astro Awani, then i come up with this comparison.
-being said as the happiest nation in the world but have least faith, actually they trust humanity
-people opt for family, happiness, academic, creativity.
-by 4 or 5pm parents will go home/market, be with their kids. I wonder how a doctor's life there
-few respondent have been staying in US said they would never raise a child in US environment
-the higher your income...the higher your income tax would be
-success measured by happiness, not about social class or your earnings
-you can stay as a student in university as long as you want coz education is free, if you're jobless government will still feed you
-the margin between social classes are small, why? coz they're corruption free or maybe minimal

-only 10% locals, the rest are foreigners
-architecture: superb as much as iran N denmark.
-of course not all of them are rich...some are struggling to live everyday BUT
-electricity, water and healthcare are FREE *Dr. Lamees Hamdan even wonder why America didn't provide free health care for the people
-no homeless people
-NO INCOME TAX (awesome!!)
-live next door to mother-in-law are common, not all mother-in-law are like Marie *Everybody Loves Raymond. Live next door to mother-in-law with central kitchen and chef enables you to have 3 meals sent to your house everyday~ lucky you doc

Malaysia can think by yourself.
And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy 
The whole point of this entry is i'm looking for happyness~ There is no perfect land but I think we just have to overcome our limitation. To some extent i dont agree with JFK.

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  1. cik farah.

    i sgtla xstuju psl iran tu. its bc i've been doing some research myself about Iran since last week. there are lots of things u should know about Iran and the Iranians. in fact we can possibly judge the country by looking at the ppl. go to UTM or USM, you'll see hell lots of iranians and most of them are just craps. im not saying all of them, but most of them. and go to Youtube, just type Jews could see how the life of the Jews there. they live harmoniously, nothing bad. its just that ppl always misunderstood them with the muslims. and i saw few ppl recently on FB (and they are iranians who live in the US) who happen to claim that they have lost their religion (which is Islam, of course..from their names its easy to tell). really lupa daratan. malays are way better. thats the one thing u should know. this is from my own experience with lots of arabs and foreigners. just saying.

  2. Denmark..confirm2 aku amik dope klau duk sane. haha. mmg pun, ex-bf ak dulu amik master kt denmark. kat sana pun sme malls tutup awal, jgn harapla blik kje nk shopping but quality time with family la.

    Dubai..just the capital city. so the country UAE, United Arab Emirates. kaya oo duk sini. tp buat ape nk nyumbang sposen ke palestine pun kedekut. pendek kata mostly ngra arab xmembantu sgt palestine, kita yg jauh dan miskin ni jugak duk susah pyh berjuang melaung2 siang mlm.

    tp betul la tu mane ade perfect land kn. ape2 pun hujan emas ngra org hujan batu ngra gile ngra sendiri. percayalah!

    aku suka quote kennedy tu. nanti i copy masuk dlm fesbuk eh. kira halal la eh =)

  3. weh...mai nyer komen mmg pecah rekod *clap2

    iranian yg aku jmpa sket je (in fact my lecturer) diorang mmg baik la. mmg xdinafikan dalam ada yg extremely baik, akan ada yg extremely tak baik~yg hooohaaa2 kt bukit bintang kita mmg tau siapa kn

    ala...amik je quote tu, aku dpt free je :P

  4. Starhill mmg hot... mamat arab mengalahkn mat saleh. fuhh!