Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st posting: surgical department

*cant upload my precious pic coz this broadband is sengal

Chief complaint: afraid of coming to surgical posting. The fact that surgeon will cut people open and my anatomy is not that amazing (at this moment) I rather stay at home. Moving from klang to shah alam has drained all my energy throughout the journey. Half day journey had made me think enough that I shouldn’t go home so often.

Day 1 at surgical department is ok. Dato’ hasim show us around and I am so amazed with the smell of the male ward, surgical urology. It smells like urine, the ward is packed with occupied extra bed. Not to mention there’s a lot people with white coat gathering around one bed. Prognosis is not good.

I tried to make myself comfortable in this place so the next day I went to clerk a patient. I think I am hitting a jackpot….this madam is a nicely speaking lady, cannot BO normally, and there’s a pic of her colonoscopy with an abnormal finding. While I was clerking there comes a troop of doctors *man, I towt they’ve done round…what r they doing here.

Actually there’s nothing bad happen, in fact I enjoy being around surgeon which is 100% male (coz the all the female have been transferred to Tanah Merah). After sometime it can be said that male doctors are more relaxed and didn’t throw tantrums *60% from our observation. I’m so blessed that surgeons are welcoming the student to their OT and see how the ACTION happens.

Moral from the posting:
  1. Always eat a humble pie. Some afford to use blackberry but they didn’t (wonder with that salary why use a normal Sony Ericsson). Surgeons here really respect the patient & student.
  2. They also live religious + easy to talk to and understand students well.
  3. Surgeons only scary when they ask question and you didn’t know the answer *actually nothing bad happens
  4. 1st time I heard people in ward said “u shud grab an early lunch” ~ coz surgery will take lots of your time

Even though I have long way to go + my anatomy is suxx…..i got a feeling, I wanna be a surgeon. I was thinking about a scene:
The desperate housewives scene
Husband: why must u become a surgeon? I hardly see you.
Me: why don’t u come earlier and decide what shud I be.

The muslim family scene
Husband: I think surgeon is a noble job.
Me: Thank you for understanding, dear.

Anyway, i've draw a line here:
Student =learn + not paid + not reponsible to the patient
Staff= work + paid + dont screw up


  1. woah good la u dpt yang cmtu..most of the tyme surgeon gile garang tak thn..

  2. isy...really gonna miss em after this. i towt sume surgeon rilek2