Thursday, January 19, 2012

kacang phool/ foul madammas

sunny sideup....nom3
I remember last time i had kacang phool at MAHA exhibition, the taste is unforgettable. Heavenly nutty and smooth. My version is not that smooth but hey, i always grateful with food on the table. I know few places that sell kacang phool but since I am determined to make it.....we just have to agree i'm gonna tweak the recipe according to what i have in hand.

There's one Singapore cooking show called Sedap, hosted by Mami Asmah Laili. Ahhhh she always makes me drool. She is cooking the typical Malay dish but the outcome doesnt seem ordinary at all. So I googled kacang phool recipe by Asmah Laili and i found Teratak Chetam.
Note: i use briyani powder mix and cili giling from Adabi. Turned out my kacang phool is quite spicy compared to the one that i had in MAHA. Plus I omit chickpeas.
maybe i should cut the briyani mix a lil'
foul=fava beans....lucky me i dont have G6PD deficiency
food processor have made me realize modern is awesome
the original Egyptian foul medammas is a vegetarian dish and not cooked like this. The dish exist since the era of Pharaoh and known as Egypt national cuisine. Kacang phool have been given a Malay touch. So yummeyhh.

bye for now. I'm going to make red bean bun coz everyone will be home tonite :)


  1. Assalamualaikum, singgah sebentar setelah entry terbaru Aniron Orion berjaya mempengaruhi..

    Nice blog, keep it up!! ^.^

  2. thanx 4 dropping by musafir melayu.....he's really good at influencing ppl