Monday, January 9, 2012

vegetarian burger (the one that got away)

As i'm so used to beef day i just decide that i want to make a vegetarian version. Obviously it turns to fritters. Somehow I recalled a scene in a clinic when my blood was taken:
Doctor: why do you want to do lipid profile. you're still young though *tq 4 d compliment*
Ma fren: we just worried coz our fren had high cholesterol level and she's thin
Doctor: that's guys should be vegetarian like me (and he went searching for perfect needle)
Ma fren: I think he's a beginners (vegetarian) *lol*
Me: Doc, can you suggest a good vegetarian burger?
Doctor: hurm...thats the problem, there's no vegetarian burger

After a share of vegetarian burger (add some twist after gained inspiration from HungryNation) i later realized the best burger are not from beans.
1 cup black eyed peas*
1/2 cup dhal* soaked overnight
1 onion- chopped
1 stalk of cellery- chopped
1tbspn curry powder
1tspn chlli powder
1 egg
salt to taste

1. boil the soaked beans & crush 'em. i prefer them to be quite chuncky
2. mix all
3. Shallow fry in a pan
*problem: it breaks of when i try to flip it. some did hold shape. 

Plan A: not so exciting
Plan B
the same batter.....mix with self-raising flour+ more chilli paste+ salt--deep fried. turn out to be like vadai/ fritters but taste great.

 Goes well with chilli sauce.

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