Tuesday, January 26, 2010

stolen smile

My head is singing the hottest uncle cracker song…SMILE. This is one of refreshing song in my playlist. Anyway the first meeting with acupressure doctor today was not that refreshing. I’m glad that I met Dr.Siti but calcium depletion issue keeps bothering me. No wonder I felt like an old bag in early 20’s. Thanks to my coffee drinking habit which has stole the precious calcium store.

Chief complaint?
1. Aching at head of femur area*
2. Easily got muscle stiffness lately
3. Paresthesia
*for 1 sec i towt i had a 'rotten' femur

Having an advisor for lifestyle coaching is good, at least I learn why and how I could change my habitual action through diet. Unsmooth looking nails like a bamboo surface is one of the sign for calcium insufficiency.

Right now I need to add one more bullet in year 2010 resolution. Calcium & caffeine~ ouh this is hard man.

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