Friday, January 1, 2010

Rain & JYP really got me today

Omo..currently my Korean madness had come again. Listen to Korean song, watch Korean TV and thinking about Korean phrases. I’ve just saw a vids showing Rain cried after winning an award and thanked JYP that had picked him up few years ago and turned him into a mega star. Ouh..rain oppa~ can’t get enough of you since Ninja Assasins trailer.

Today JYP a.k.a Park Jin Young had got me thinking. *I’m a fan of interview yach. He said when he stop and looked back he is able to say he had done lots of thing for the past 15 years. Took him lots of effort to remake Rain and Wonder Girls. I told myself this guy must be a real genius since Will Smith also asks for him.

Of all his success he had to give up some part of his life. He’d been a bad father to his kid, bad hubby to his wife and a bad friend to his friend coz in pursue of success he had left something behind. For him, real life is where you can’t have it all but still be happy about it.

Reminiscing life….I somehow thought that my life is stagnant but risky. Damn just hate this feeling. About being a good friend-I know I’m a bad friend. I don’t text, visit or call my old friend. But they’re always in my heart. JYP just hit me with live your life freely and don’t hold on to something (money etc.). Its kinda true but hyung-nim, I made lots of loan so I can’t agree on that.

Right now, I need to find a point where I can look back and feel good about myself.

rain oppa,ur inspirational....truly star


  1. Tima kasih sebab bagi aku ilham untuk tukar template baru jugak.. Asyik yang lama aje pun boring jugak..hehe..

    Pandai ko edit gambar dgn sayap tu.. Bole panggil miss Angel ni..hehe

  2. hehe..wan, soo happy ada yang ter'inspirasi hari ni~ bila tgk byk perkara yg kita suka idea bersayap pun datang :) ehem2 klu dpt photoshop lg besh

  3. Kalau gitu boleh la belajar Photoshop pelan2...hehe