Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sorotan 2009's new year again. Problem in every new year is I can’t write date correctly. 2009 been a blast with lots of IT and medical achievements. I’ve started a blog that have been transformed gradually and most important part is being in hospital for clinical attachment. I’d never thought that I can get this far yet I realized I have long way to go.

The unfortunate part this year is that my pocket is having recession. So I’m kind of broke most of the time~ yeah this year I’ve decided I want to be a millionaire. I got to thanked Azizi Ali for this money management awareness.

It’s a good ending for 2009 coz I’m about to finish watching You Are Beautiful (YAB)-KDrama..and I’m in A.N.JELL mood right now. YAB and Guitar Hero PS2 make me think I might want to learn some instrument next year *can’t get the hang of it.

2009 success: surabaya mission, swim again, know lots of gr8 people.

Next year plan would be:
1. Further studies- ppl might ask when ru getting married
2. Improve photo editing skills- I love magic
3. Manage time better, adopt healthier living, socialize better and feel greater

감사합니다 (Kamsahamnida)to everyone that makes my life better this year.

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