Saturday, January 26, 2013

my fav toothpaste

This might be insignificant but i hope netizens will make a lot of reviews on groceries stuff like cheap laundry detergent or place that sell cheaper fragrant rice.

Previously i use colgate 360 (medium) ever since i change to new softy tooth brush i find that i can't clean the inner side of my incisor well. The reason why I change to colgate slim soft (soft) is because my tooth have become more sensitive and i think soft bristle will do good. At least it won't scrap off my enamel. The sensitivity prob do subside but i don't get the squeaky clean feeling. Colgate triple action toothpaste is too mellow to work with a softy bristle. Then I change to Fresh & White with xylitol. Minty taste is not that strong but cleans better. I also get extra 50g with a great saving.

Love it

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ


  1. Assalamualaikum,

    I don't think the medium and hard ones should ever exist.

    Even I'm using the soft one.

    Perhaps next time they should considered "extra soft" as well, but that might be like brushing your teeth with hair-thin brushes, aha!

  2. wslm
    since they exist we live in misconception
    colgate already started on extra soft-- sounds like a tooth massage :D