Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alhamdulillah..registered and ready to practice

Syukur im already a doctor. Im content. For being able to share it with my parents only Allah knows how happy i am. Does that makes my parents the best parents? If you ask me i definitely say yes coz i never had any other parents :D

Here's are some tips that my parents would give to young parents:
1. Put Allah first- never encourage fancy bday party, nvr dolled up children to enter a pageant or hedonistic singing competition. I remember i wore hijab, learnt how to read quran & solat--- all from my parents. I want my future children will be able to have what i had with my parents. Love them Lillahi Ta'ala

2. Respect the child nature & nurture it- my parents know and accept every child is unique. I suxx, get ugly and got a claw sometimes but they chose to see the good side of me. In terms of career they let me choose what i want and make sure im doing it right. Ya know, i moved from veterinary school to medical school with my own will. 
found this on my way to MMC office, maybe it finally found a way out from butterfly farm
As glorious as it sounds i dont think this is the end for my parents' parenting. They will keep parenting to their last breath. Now they will guide me on how to juggle between my career and responsibilities as a muslim. Self upgrading is a lifelong business.

So to all passionate dreamers out there stay PATIENT!! You can't rush success.

Over♔Out (⌐■_■) farah AJ