Sunday, January 23, 2011

my kind of intelligent

Currently I'm so into maskancil blogspot. She made a sound point and I know she's not making things up. Sometime i wish she could blog everyday coz i love reading 'em. This bullet below is taken from one of the entry about intelligence....i wish i could spend some money to buy '7 kind of smart' by Thomas Armstrong PH.D. But i remember the value of my money have shrink these days. I can't make a trip to salon yet to get my VB hair style and the f***ing Maxis mailed me a letter telling me that I have overdue RM181.45. After terminated my broadband they dont send me any bills (it explain that i am not related to 'em). suddenly after 5 months of peace they sent me bill + URGENT letter. wat a douchebag!

Author of the book said we have 7 type of intelligent so don't call people stupid just call 'em bloodsucker or any words that come across your mind.
  1. linguistic Intelligence - kepintaran dalam penggunaan bahasa.
  2. logical - Mathematical Intelligence - kepintaraan dalam matematik dan pemikiran logik.
  3. Spatial Intelligence - kepintaran yang melibatkan berfikir dalam penggunaan simbol, gambar dan images.
  4. Musical Intelligence - kepintaran dalam kebolehan menghargai dan menikmati irama dan melodi.
  5. Bodily - kinesthetic - kepintaran mengawal fizikal diri seperti, ahli sukan, athletes dsb.
  6. Interpersonal Intelligence - kepintaran dalam perhubungan antara manusia. 
  7. Intrapersonal Intelligence - kepintaran dalam mengenali diri sendiri.
I agree that we can't force all children goes to medical school. We need different kind of intelligence to color this world, develop this nation to become more than a rhetoric nation that filled with slogan. For that, I should start by appreciating all nice people that leave a footprint in my life. They might not a people who are good with words or numbers or possessed a fortune. but some are genius (refering to my fellow classmates). whatever it is they still a person that have colored my life + I'm grateful for that.

After do some thinking while typing this I think my intelligence is on num 7. Num 1 is too much for me, num 2 is not used to described me (eventful maths classes), 3 is MAYBE, but num 4 to 6 is like a dream. Hey...tell me what's yours?


  1. Salam sejahtera,

    A good one, Farah ,a good, brief but impactfull entry indeed !

    I believe that the one who called others stupid, is the person whom are truly an idiot !

    Most probably it because of this society who can't accept peoples who , in a manner, are said " to be useless or cannot contribute to the world " . Like a disease, it spread from one person to another person, which eventually , a large population are trying to prove themselves " successful & useful " without understanding the true meanings of it.

    For those peoples who can't prove to others they are " someone " , they continued the process of transmigrating the disease further and evolved the virus, becoming much more deadly than before. Even if it means, to pull or to condemn those successful ones, as unsuccessful - "hatred ", "jealousy" & "strive for power" consumes their souls.

    Humans are very good in fabricating truth or to be selfish and yet, they appears to be noble.

    Thank you, dear Farah for sharing this posting,


  2. TQ 4 dropping a comment choy. indeed contagious like a virus. sometime we tend to be shallow. i hope we could stop that

  3. hoho... betul2.. ak sokong.. tp our parents just want the best for our future.. sbb tu ramai yg soh anak2 mereka jadi doktor.. huhu..

  4. heeee we cant blame the parents, coz they juse react according to the education system that says no A no future