Sunday, January 23, 2011

post-convo vanity: MSU convocation

been thinking about this entry for sometime. since this is my 2nd convocation i wud like to make it better than my diploma convocation.That day in UPM i came alone cause my dad got a meeting in Sarawak while mom have to pick my sis at school...the same day she got exam. with the grey robe & without the presence of my parents it was like the worst graduation ever.

i'm really excited about BMS convocation since i've joined mbbs programme accompanied by friends and a proud parents. nowadays my dad don't go for meeting anymore since he is retiring real soon. perfect time to bring family members together *my bro have left us for over 2.5 years now. So if you're graduating soon...pls be prepared so that you'll remembered as a great looking leng lui 靓女or leng zai 靓仔 for the rest of your life.

1. Outfit
-wear a comfortable clothing cause you definitely want to move around easily. i want to avoid flowy/complicated kind of dress so i just stick to my normal baju kurung with a revamp on fabric and colors. i haven't try baby pink and sulam so this time i'm givin it a try.
-don't forget this is malaysia, rain &bright sun throughout the year. next time, i might wanna bring a water proof beg to put my stuff, in case get encountered with puddles 
-remind me that i might need my shades for the photo shoot

2. Shoe
-i always want a comfortable heels. i saw clarks shoe in cosmopolitan magazine. but i can't fork out that amount of money for shoe alone.
-went to jusco to see what i can get with my rm60 jusco voucher+it's christmas sale that time
-after spending 2 hours looking for shoe i finally found this one. equally stylish and comfortable.
-for me this shoe kinda give me the K-pop feelings eventho i haven't visit Seoul yet :P
-it cost me about rm59 after less....yeayy! i get the only display unit left yar

3. Make up
-been practicing for some time with the mascara wand, brushes and different colors.
-i found a guru in youtube and that gives me some idea. currently i'm so into Lisa Eldridge...female make up artist understands female well. she also do the make up for Vogue magazine make up turn out ok

4. Photographer
-actually i'm just looking around kay's and found this entry. triggers me to hire an affordable photographer as possible coz i want a moment like this to be pictured perfect. so we have narrow down our diagnosis to Lembayung Senja and Adiksi Art. Since Adiksi based in Shah Alam.....they're HIRED by the panels of fellow friends. maybe i'm gonna do an entry about our photo shoot coz i smiled awkwardly + lots to talk about

I think that is pretty much it, mission accomplished.....hopefully the next graduation will get even better.


  1. well...
    to be really nailed the best look in all department that day. everything is just perfect. thank God for adiksi...nice choice...

  2. *shrugs.......tQ!! i couldnt agree more about Adiksi