Thursday, February 10, 2011

I want to be a philantrophist

Recently i visited a widow in my kampong, her husband died 2weeks ago because of IHD. She had 3 sons, no job and hubby dont have a pension. When i was sitting on the couch one of the son came and actually rub my ring. He seemed enchanted with the diamonds. Deep down inside i felt sorry for him. Sorry kiddo i can't do much coz i’m in debt & have many things to do with my limited money. By choosing career in medical field i hope that i can do things differently as i have a better access to human.

Social illness arise from poverty
I’m really afraid of being poor and peniless. I know the Prophet is not a richman but he had a pure soul which is protective.Didn’t mean to look down on lower economic social class but it’s true. When you have no money you tend to save everything for yourself, you don’t care about others and even worst you do everything (legal or illegal) for survival, people can use you easily to fullfill their goal, you have poor access to healthcare and education and can’t afford to buy house in a good neighborhood. It’s like the chain of infection.

If money is not an issue
I hope that i can help my friend or anyone who are in need. I want them to have a better future by helping them finding their own fishing rod. I remember talking to a mother that looks after her daughter in ward. The daughter had drank organophosphate in attempt of suicide simply because she don’t feel loved. She don’t feel loved when her father can’t afford to buy her a handphone/ provides a computer at home. Daughter start to mingle around inapropriate friends and escaped school. The family is in debt and about to loose their house cause the father who’d work as a technician failed to pay mortgage for 3 months. Mother didn’t work and can’t read, father is the sole bread winner. 

I wish that government will work more efficiently or shud we just do what Egyptian did?(don't answer my rethoric Q) Sometimes the poor people don’t even know where to find help. This is where a doctor roles come into play like sending the case for social department review, at least JKM will get noted about the family. Thanks God finally i know how it works here.

Do I know what philantrophist is?
First time i heard it was when i watched The Duke. It’s man’s magazine programe which cater my curiousity on how guys look fabulous. So it featured this guy named Dylan Wilk. Prince Charles lend him some money to start a business. Long story short he became the 9th richest man in England. After sometime he  get bored with Ferrari and all fancy stuff. Went to Phillipines to help poor people. There’s an organisation called Gawad Kalinga which provides safe home for poor and he started from there. Cool huh?! 

Dear Prince Charles, pls lend me some money for medical school :)