Thursday, February 10, 2011

review & rules: hair product that i used

I’m in the mood of detangling my hair crisis. When I was little I think I have a cute hair almost like this.
The cute hair seems have ceased with time and turned into something unhealthy looking not ladylike either. 
I’ve been living with a lion hair (frizzy + not to mention coarse hair gene inheritance) for most of my adulthood until one day my hairstylist suggest a revamp on my hair care regime. She suggested a hair treatment. It works wonder! The structure of hair has been smoothen out like it’s been sealed with ceramide. I feel like Kim Kardashian already.
Here I present you the RULES to beautiful hair which could take you higher:

It’s all about conditioning
-I realize after many years of hunting the right shampoo actually shampoo just cleanse but conditioner will determine how your hair will look like when it’s dry. Not saying shampooing is not important but if I have to choose between good quality shampoo or good quality conditioner I definitely will choose the later
-ever since I tried salon grade conditioner I just can’t wash my hair without it. Still thinking what should I use when I’m broke and no Bonacure left
Purchased at salon supply shop at GM, I forked out RM45. Buy 1 free 1. I gotta say Bonacure Schwarzkopf Conditioner is a value buy. The conditioner doesnt leave a sticky feeling like Clairol Herbal Essence conditioner and it feels lighter than Satinique (Amway) and L'oreal conditioner(the drugstore version).

Hair mask
Secret to celebrity-like hair is do treatment regularly. Mask will give nutrition to your hair and transform the overall look. 
I just wash my hair with warm water --> apply the mask --> put on shower cap --> do other stuff --> rinse off. After treatment it feels like there's an air to my hair. Works best if you have steamer. L'oreal absolut repair mask is the first mask that i bought so i don't have much opinion about it. The consistency is thicker than conditioner and it smells great too. Purchased at salon supply shop at GM for RM53.

Always consider salon grade product
Once I started salon product I think the drug store shampoo is more suitable for those who doesn’t need special care. Ya know, if you were born with beautiful hair like Ella then you don’t have to waste money on salon product. Gunakan bahan2 yang alami sudah cukup…santan, mayonis (none of ‘em works on me)

Extra cash, pay a visit to salon
I couldn’t tell how much I love it but I have to come to my senses that good things didn’t come so often so that’s why I started to do hair treatment at home. Maybe I could save up some money and went travelling(yes, i'm dreaming)

Neway, good luck!! at this moment this is what i do and believe.


  1. hooo... ni nak kena try nih klu rambut jadi cam kim kardashian nih.. haha.. ak sampai nak amek keputusan utk rebonding rambut pas kawen takot faiz x tahan dgn rambut ak yg menggerbang ni.. haha..

  2. hehe sebelum rebond kasi treatment dlu. improve texture. sbnrnya aku wat treatment sbb bercadang nak rebond len kali

  3. owh ye ke?? hoho.. ni nak kena treatment dulu la eh.. tp kan klu rambut ak tuh x menggerbang pas ak pakai shampoo itu, malas dah ak nak g rebond.. original is the best lah!! hehe..

  4. i use salon products to treat my hair. but in the daily basis, i just use head&shoulders. this really improves my hair structures.

    tips: jgn slalu mandi basahkan rmbut. skng rambut i makin2 okay dan shiny bile jrg mandi rambut (hehe). and once in a while mestila pegi cusi rambut kat salon. basuh sndri tak sama (plus..malas, sbb lenguh tangan!)

  5. H&S dah lama xguna sbb Clear murah sket :P

    itula....sejak minat jaga rambut aku mmg xbasuh rambut sekerap dlu. salon is topping my list when i have extra cash....baik pegi salon cuci rambut drpd massage kaki. geli~ (rasa nak lari pun ada)