Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dont turn away

Pheww i dont know why but i feel blessed lately especially today. Theres a time people seems to give you hard time and all your effort are like flushed down the toilet. I just wanna say keep toiling your effort cause if you've tried hard enough then you should be grateful that God had given you an opportunity to prove yourself.
posted by a friend & i keep this as my wallpaper. source HERE
We are who we think we are
when people giving you hard time just think:

  • i can do this, i know what was i thinking, think for success, then a good outcome will be yours
  • pity people who dont know how to make others happy
  • you still have to be happy cause you know how was it like to live your live without being uptight(again it depends on how you define happy life)

I rant my life as great when i have the best of both worlds, dunia wal akhirah. Workaholic is not my virtue, prof muhaya also on the same page as me. I dont think workaholic would live long. I want to be remembered as a people's people with good words, good energy and makes others happy. Yeah i count family, friends, workout and backyard chicken in my circle of happiness

my accomplishment today:done working out, i eat complex carbo for dinner (boiled sweet potato) and i read few topics. Best of all i know i'm not a loser.

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