Saturday, November 5, 2011


I've been in OnG department for about 5 weeks now. Generally i can say our country provides a good care to the people if its not the best. At least the public hospital wont turn the patient away. they'll manage as best as they could. The vid about maternal mortality in sierra leone worries me. If appointed gov cant take care of the people then there's nothing much the people can do. Poor people doesnt have a choice except going after an untrained personnel. The healthcare personnel doesnt have a choice except leaving the country for a paid job outside. Cant blame them either coz they also have a mouth to feed. The most potent solution is a strong political will by a good politician. Are there any good politician left on this earth?

pls watch Blood Diamond. Humanely in love

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  1. alas for some opportunistic litigator slight deviation from standard care in obgyn is one big window to sue.

    blessed it be the poor