Thursday, November 3, 2011

tormented after a fall

I was online every single day but I just learnt Gadaffi passing yesterday. Seem online but actually shutting the world out because I choose to. I don’t know much about Gadaffi but I know that my dear lecturer went to the best medical school in Tripoli without paying a single cents. Anyway I still wonder what makes him served in Canada for few years. Holding on to power for too long obviously will change or policy.
Clearly I'm not well physically and mentally. I severe the ties with company with bad customer service and dysmenorrhea has slowed me down. I got seminars and case write up pilling up in my list. Today I felt pain in my arm. Since it can move I know the nerve is intact, bone intact, no skin changes. The pain might be caused by soft tissue injury.

A day ago I fell in the bathroom. Fell with an out stretched hand and butt landed nicely (glad I wasn’t pregnant). If I can slow-mo the fall like The Matrix I swear during the fall I muttered “ouh arm...pls dont be broken” Can you imagine me driving a car or palpating abdomen with one hand wrap in a POP cast? yeah, I doubt that too.

I love Fright Night; the vampire is too tasty. Don't need an invitation if there's no house.
I was about to fall during bedside teaching. No wonder i feel so crappy "Your face got zombified" a friend said.


  1. yup i had those kind of fall, still suffer weakness of my left come and go...but the embarassment of public display of humiliation is archived

  2. if humiliation is the case bathroom fall is not that bad