Friday, May 7, 2010

magnifique (M aa i n i f i c)

thanks to kay kamal. waahh this is my first award so i am celebrating it with some pan maki.
First time i blog was in 2009. actually i started with friendster blog. since the layout is limited i decided to go for blogger. now i got unlimited layouts...colors and widgets. i'd really hope to see more friends starting their personal blog coz blog is a canvas to express yourself cleaning required. i find that blog makes me know my friend better & i love watching people living their life.


  1. agree! blogging ni slh satu cara nk express our feeling n mood. n yeah, to share story with others kann :) i dun get it, why some peeps mcm sibuk nk mengata psl blog org. haihh.

  2. see.....klu kita ada blog kita ada life~ xlah menyibuk hal org. waaa, ini satu point baru nih