Friday, May 7, 2010

nihon fever.....let's have pan maki

ouh...feels great. i've finished making pan maki for lunch. while i was blog walking i stumbled upon hana's family. she lived in japan with husband and kids....she enjoy cooking and blogging.*maybe more than i do coz she's always come up with new entry and makes my mouth water. so her pan maki is my inspiration today.
while my parents away to terengganu i have to baby sit my bro n sister. they have a huge love for japanese food and we celebrated Hakim's bday at Tokyo G, sunway pyramid. a birthday bash without cake & candles. (T_T) i dont really enjoy japanese food unless it is cooked. neway i've discovered that i love japanese curry rice......spicy yet sweet. 
pan maki today is good to avoid japanese food craving. maybe enough to prevent them from flushing my cash  to japanese restaurant this weekend. oo ayah.....aku udah kepepet. to cut pan maki we need a very sharp knife. i love this samaria cuts chicken bone effortlessly.
the setback of making this for lunch is...i have to cook dinner right now.


  1. cool sis. i wanna be yr lil sis then, pls cook for me and bring me somewhere nice on my bday ;)

  2. hihi...i'm glad u're not little anymore~

  3. akak ni mmg suka mknn jepun/korea ke? naseb baek tgh kekenyangan ketika ini. kalau x mmg da mengidamm laaa ^___^'

  4. heee......korea 4 bintang, jepun 3 bintang coz yg jepun ni krg pedas..krg masak :P