Friday, September 9, 2011

braces: banding

It’s already 10 Syawal. Metallic smile had undergone a lot of obstacle during raya. Btw, this entry is meant to highlight’s actually having the braces on and makes your smile visibly metallic.
pic taken about 3 months ago
see..the canine teeth are less visible now that hurt?
My mokcik said it looks painful. She’s right but the most critical/ crucial pain was during the 1st week after banding. I bought a box of painkiller but actually i only need 'em for the 1st 2 days. After that the pain become more tolerable, perhaps my pain threshold have gone to the next league. Back then i was on soft diet for 1 week. Ya know...porridge, yogurt, ice cream......nothing crusty (a.k.a fried to crisp) it’s like subtly humming you ask for it...u got it. I do lose weight though perhaps exercise+ braces work wonders [ouhh so keen to make a good entry on my exercise regime].
Phbbtt? What obstacle
Well I was in hometown for raya and one of the brackets kinda fall off after an attempt to chew a not so tenderloin beef. And later the wire is poking my buccal mucosa. Developed ambivalent feeling about it..happy because I know my teeth moves a lot but at the same time it gives me a pain in a mucosa. Anyway, I received different reaction from kids. Some are curious to the extend of touching my braces and some even afraid……don’t want to shake my hand (lolz)

Describe the pain
Like a blunt trauma to your gum. Dull aching pain…..aggravated by chewing, relief by painkiller (the first 2 days). Any attempt to chew will be opposed by the pulling effect of the wire. Few hours after banding I went for a wedding reception and I can’t even chew small chicken bits. My advice, after banding don’t go to any public events. Coz you’ll drown in your own emotions.
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  1. indeed. another way to realize how determine ppl can be

  2. sakitnya mmg tak tahan betul..berat badan mmg jatuh terus.huhuhu
    tapi skg gigi dah cantik.yeay! :)

  3. yeay!! pape pun kne sabar jelah klu nak cantik