Saturday, September 10, 2011

Syawal Guestbook

Thanks for coming.... SELAMAT HARI RAYA. This entry is dedicated to all family members esp the junior members and my beloved viewers. p/s: Kalau nak duit raya doa2 la aunty jadi specialist cepat
"tengok gigi, haaa ada!!" He even want to touch my braces. Pheww! that was close

intimidated with metal teeth and show that yucky face, love to touch six pack abs (not mine of course). indeed the house wrecker

we 1st met at musolla. he cried after a fight with big bro (behind). quite clingy but bearable. policy: SMILE....

follow me around after an ice cream treat at my crib. regurgitated laksa that i fed into my plate *ouch didnt see it coming. A sweetheart but fierce (use the Tyra Banks tone)

Total meltdown~ full of curiousity and energy. love homemade porridge. Anything to the hand *the son of tokei nasi


  1. ak plak rasa tua dgn panggilan aunty tuh. haha.

  2. bipolar sekejap....depan budak2 panggil kakak tau