Tuesday, September 6, 2011

why people became short or pendek

I want to teach a big NO in conversation. Don't ask question like "why you are so short" coz it's like asking a punch straight to your trachea.
Facts that i got from korean documentary~ Korean are the tallest Asian. After years of economic success Korean got to have best food and best education system (which include exercise) to exploit the gene to its fullest. However current trends show that Korean kids are not as tall as their parents. Some researcher said this could be caused by the gene cycle itself and the youngsters are repeating the growth pattern as same as their ancestors.

Factors that interfere with your body ability to get taller:
Fat cell interfere growth hormone functions. That’s why we can see obese child might be the tallest in primary school but after puberty they didn’t grow tall much.

Sexual prematurity
Early maturity leads to early cessation of growth progress. After puberty a female will have more fat tissue and sex hormones will promotes early closure of growth plate. 1-2 years after puberty growth will stop.
  • Puberty 1 year early: lack 5cm
  • 2 years early: lack 10cm
  • 3 tears early: lack 15cm

Lack of vitamin D
Vitamin D will make calcium absorption more efficient. Any insult to vitamin D absorption will disrupt bone growth

Determinants of your heights:
Genetic: 70- 80%
Environment: 20- 30%, exercise|diet|
Taller people have more money, better social life, better looks (undeniable) but if we focus on our strength rather than our weakness we would able to understand that we are special in our very own way. It is a loss if we only embrace the looks and not the person inside.
How to Get Taller
For teenager that still growing, my advice is exercise and get enough sleep as exercise will help soften your muscle and helps body to respond (increasing heights) better. Growth hormone will be produced by your body during sleep especially in deep sleep.

I wish there is person telling me this and give me growth hormone shot when my growth plate has'nt close yet. I'm not going to get illiazarov done to my precious lower limbs (those are the limbs that help me to do squat and get the kim K booty).
Be the best version of yourself!


  1. hehe. if know this fact when i was 10 pasti ak akan minum susu byk2 sbb lemak mmg da x da dah. ngahaha.

  2. don't mind the physical...people will figuratively look up to you for various other reason...hehehe