Tuesday, September 27, 2011

inspiration to eat right

I've just finished theory exam and so relieved its over *doesnt mean i did well*  there's one more exam to go. Too much stress will swipe away the youthful look away, perhaps add more crease to the fine lines. Exam and too much of a caffeine will dry out skin. I can't tell how many bunch of crappy food have slide down my throat. I regret that and I'm gonna make it up to myself. Below are my resolution to eat right:
1. Cook my own food
Its a waste to watch nigella (nigella summer to nigella kitchen, got nigella express some more) yet still end up at fast food drive through. The challenge of living alone is that fresh ingredients rot up fast. I tend to store up fresh ingredients for 1 week consumption but along the way there's lump & bump where i end up eating out. I bought this Sicily lemon juice for citrus-cy flavor to my salad or tuna without the hassle of washing the chopping board. Good motivation to cook.
2. Plain water is a must
I always end up feeling thirsty but i didnt drink because i know i cant find a comfortable toilet in old ward building. that should change. so if you are curious about your hydration status, do check your urine color. the clearer the better. but pls don't overhydrate yourself. moderation is virtue.
3. Balance it out with green tea
Got to admit green tea is not my cup of tea. after i weigh benefit over favorite i cant say no. tea is really good to balance the pH in our body because all the fried food and high protein food is acidic. pH is important to make sure your engine accelerates at its max. Article on pH and diet HERE.
start with trifle pudding end with green tea 
3. Protein and carbohydrate ratio
notice that many malaysian food is more like a carbo loads diet. mee goreng contains few pieces of tofu and fish cake. the rest is only carbo. to add value to your food pls add 1 boiled egg or tempe as a side dish. 

4. Eat live food you'll live longer
not necessarily to be raw and crawling. enough said something that didnt come from a can or from frezer to fryer. tried so hard to follow this. include as many plants as possible into my diet. I am inspired by Bex and EcO vegan gal to eat live food. currently i wont go to the extent of going vegan coz i topping up my body iron reserve by indulge with steak

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