Thursday, September 22, 2011

what 26 year old miss the most

hye it's my birthday (say it like oprah)
original version definitely looks better, the cream was so yummy

things that i miss the most of course the time for family. i spent lots of time alone at house. being in class or ward work is the moment when i will be surrounded with humans. silence makes me long for their presence. Can't wait to finish exam *phbtt like i've done preparing. I miss my lil' brothers who always adore me no matter what i do

made this for iftar when i had my sis fren come over at our place
satu hari ketika bercuti, kami golek2 atas katil. menghargai katil apartment percutian ittew.
bro 1: Along nak tido ngan sape nanti? *Bro 2(4yo) waiting anxiously
Along: ummmm nak tidur ngan tatak lah sebab tatak perempuan
Bro 2: ahhh...adik pun perempuan jugak<--nak nangis *tatak senyum bangga
Along: hahaha

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