Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Dear brother,
I wonder how are you,
Yet I still miss you,
When the world is no longer for you,
I never forget to pray for you,

Dear brother,
It was great to have you,
As I realize how fun are you,
But the fate is still taking you,
Then I know why God send you,

Dear brother,
You made us so happy,
Even though we don’t live in luxury,
Because health make us wealthy,
I learnt it the hard way now I’m so lonely,

Dear brother,
Don’t know what you’re going through,
Being a witness didn’t put me in your shoes
Still try to comfort you,
Hope this bond will last till next world too.

(In memoriam of my brother Muhammad Aiman Jaafar, 22 Oct 1993-24 Mar 2008)

Created by farah_aj~03 june 2008