Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father’s Day

A father figure in da' house really makes me a person that i am today. I might sucks at projecting feelings but never failed to love and care about person that matters to me. Since this is my blog...i just want to wish my dad Happy Father’s day. Well he didnt know this blog is exist. May Allah will bless you with a better health, better life and better kids (lol~ thats us)

Things that my dad taught me:

  • Focus on things that matter, make a choice and be responsible
  • Punctuality (i’m kinda hav compromised that a lot since i got into MSU)
  • If you want something u have to work hard...but i’ll give my support

So here’s the conclusion for today

Dad defines refines me

this songs really makes me think about father daughter relationship, our bonding didnt looks like on screen ya~ but we're cool.

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